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We provide, your best elevator solution

Please contact to get more information about your lift selection, design, drawings etc. Our Technical team will be glad to provide you the entire information based on your custom specifications immediately.


About KYL (Know your Lift)

Your Lift is the heart of your building. We will help you know its health thru technology. It helps you in avoiding accidents, deaths, unnecessary breakdowns, high cost of maintenance, preventive and predictive maintainence. Lift Safety Reports, Maintenace Needs and Lift Audits.

With a thousands of lift reporting projects, we understood, you need, Safety, Status, preventive, genuine components and service providers. We will help you KYL

Locations: We offer our services all over India virtually. We provide onsite services to all state capitals.


To avoid deaths and accidents due to Lifts.


To let you Know Your Lift thru technology.

We provide, your best elevator solution

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Our Services

  • Lift safety report helps you to know whether you can use your lift safely.

  • A report about your maintenance needs predictive and preventive.

  • A comprehensive report about your lift which is an audit as per standards.


Data, Software and Cloud real time results and reports

Elevator Experts

Experts with vast experience of thousands of Lifts to support you in your lift safety.

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